At present times, public reviews on digital platforms has become a matter of grave importance which is playing a very severe role in deciding factors about getting an insight about the product or services which are being sold online. You recall it by yourself, when you order something online e-commerce platforms like amazon or flipkart or whenever you decide to try some new services, you always prefer to see and know the reviews of the people who have already taken such product or services and how much such reviews are available just to know their experiences and accordingly you decide whether you will purchase or not. So, that’s how, when it comes to online services, review becomes one of the most essential parts. Now this review acquisition is an organized system which supports to get as much as possible number of reviews you may get. Algorithm will be deciding when and how to ask for review to the online visitors and it will automatically appear by popping up. By this process, you will also be able to seek information about your digital consumers.

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